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S1E1: 'Investing in Web3' w/ Hadley Harris of ENIAC Ventures


Twitter: @Hadley Medium: @Hadley


About Hadley Harris

Hadley is a successful venture capitalist, entrepreneur and Twitter personality. As a founding partner of ENIAC Ventures, he has been a seed-stage investor to 11 unicorns.

In recent years, ENIAC have invested in a number of Web3 start-ups, including Genopets, ESports One and Rarify. Early in his career, Hadley worked at Pegasystems, Microsoft and Samsung, before joining the founders of Vlingo to run a several aspects of the business across product, strategy, and marketing until it was sold to Nuance for $225M. He rolled his experience building a successful startup into Thumb, where as CBO he helped the real-time recommendation app reach user engagement levels second only to Facebook before being acquired.

Hadley grew up in downtown Boston, and now lives in New York City with his wife and son.

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